About Airspace

We believe in the good that drones can do.

Drones have already proven critical in disaster response. Firefighters have used them to monitor ongoing fires to focus their efforts, keep themselves safe, and help them save lives. Emergency teams have used drones to survey damage after natural disasters, deliver supplies, and find missing people.

And that’s just the beginning … we are on the verge of many more great things. Drones may very well save your life by delivering medicines when every second counts.


The drone industry is poised to become a multi-billion dollar business – but in order to fully realize that potential – airspace security must be assured. Systems that reliably detect and identify autonomous drones are not only necessary – they will be required. Anticipating these demands, Airspace Systems is a founding member of the FAA Drone Advisory Committee and actively engaged on the FAA’s Identity Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC).

Airspace provides a synthesis of solutions delivering powerful detection – with low false alarm rates – paired with accurate identification that will allow our partners to quickly and intuitively visualize their immediate airspace and to correctly assess any security issues. These powerful detection and identification tools were designed to help create the safe market that will be required of this emerging technology.

Only Airspace uses artificial intelligence and advanced robotics to create fully automated, always-on solutions that deliver the three mandatory requirements of airspace security: long-range detection, instant identification, and safe capture and removal of unauthorized or malicious drones.

Airspace solutions are deployed and trusted by businesses, public venues, law enforcement, government, and the military to protect people, property and IP from harm. All Airspace solutions are mobile, modular, and simple to operate.

Airspace Systems was founded in 2015 by a group of dedicated engineers drawn by our shared vision for this emerging technology and market – coupled with the very real chance for us to make a difference and help build an industry.

We are a privately held company funded by the same early investors who helped launch Nest, Palantir, and Skype.


Autonomous airspace security.


Safe and secure skies open for business and social good.